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Wonga Ntshinga

Founder of Wowos Club

Wonga Ntshinga is the Senior Head of Programme: Faculty of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), a private higher education provider and part of ADvTECH Ltd, a public company listed on the JSE. He has over 25 years of experience in teaching and leading ICT programmes and research projects in various institutions, including public universities and SAP Africa. 

As a Senior Head of Programme, he supports the Head of Faculty, participates in the design and development of new programmes, and establishes and maintains effective interaction between the faculty and the brands with respect to the ICT programmes. He also serves as a Review Panel Member at the Council on Higher Education in South Africa and Lesotho, respectively, where he evaluates the accreditation status of Higher Education Institutions based on minimum standards. His research interests include service composition, databases, e-mentoring, and e-business. He has also published several papers and articles in academic and media platforms. He is passionate about fostering a culture of open dialogue and innovation in the ICT field.

Wonga is also the founder of Wowos Club, a not-for-profit think tank that promotes a culture of open dialogue by fostering everyone's contribution.